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52 Questions, one a week to reflect upon  

1. Positive Thinking
Why is applying new ideas difficult?
Applying new ideas is difficult because, past reinforced ideas and behaviors are deeply ingrained.

2. Self Development
What is difficult for humans to do?
One of the most difficult things for humans to do is to recognize their own faults and weaknesses.

3. Being a Learner
What is the best return on investment?
An investment in learning gives the best returns.

4. Communication
What is n important lesson in communication?
In communication when receiving a message, you need to be patient and listen carefully without interrupting.

5. Introspection
What is the simplest form of introspection?
It would be useful to review your day at the end of each day and focus on things done right and things done wrong.

6. Hostility and Anger
What is a simple method to stay calm?
Deep breathing or the good old technique of counting to ten is a good way to control oneself and to stay calm.

7. Relationships
What is one of the biggest regrets that people have at the end of their lives?
One of the biggest regrets that people have at the end of life are about relationships not pursued or not mended.

8. Friendships
Why is it important to have friends?
Because you can confide in your friends and get honest feedback from them.

9. The Arts
Why is it good to have an interest in the arts?
By developing an interest, appreciation and sensitivity to the arts, you move a step further up in the human evolution ladder from your primitive origins.

10. Sports and Games
Historically what is sports a substitute for?
Humans developed sports to substitute for battle.

11. Taking a Break
Why do you need a break?
Breaks help you to relax, reflect and recharge.

12. Planning and Goal Setting
Why is it important to set a targets or goals?
The process of setting goals or targets allows you to choose where you wants to go in life.

13. Managing Time
Name one time thief?
TV is a time thief.

14. Writing Down
Why is writing down things important?
Writing down prevents you from forgetting and gives you clarity of purpose.

15. Meetings
What is an important aspect of meetings?
One of the most important aspects of meetings is that you should ensure that the follow up action is clearly spelt out.

16. Negotiation
What is the best outcome of negotiation?
The best negotiation outcome is one which results in a win-win all round.

17. Quality
Where is quality consciousness important?
You need to have quality to permeate all areas of your life for it to become a habit.

18. Managing Change
Why is commitment to change necessary?
With commitment to change you can be constantly improving.

19. Coping with Technology
Why is technology important?
Technology is important because it helps improve productivity, comfort, convenience, or entertainment.

20. Creativity
Why is human creativity suppressed?
Creativity is suppressed because humans are taught by an inherently limiting system of doing what they see and are told by those around them.

21. Giving and Receiving Feedback
How should you give feedback?
When you give feedback, it’s best to start with praise.

22. Sharing With Teams
What must you do to build good team?
You should establish an environment of trust and openness and share and discuss all important matters with your team.

23. Etiquette
Why is good etiquette important?
Because it helps to build good relationships.

24. Habits
What makes humans different from each other?
Most humans are similarly endowed. The major difference is people’s habits.

25. Work Ethic
What is one of the important ingredients to succeed in life?
To be immersed in professional work, putting in the amount of time and inputs as needed.

26. Food
Which foods are good for health?
A balanced diet of a variety of vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy, pulses and white meats for non vegetarians is best.

27. Medium and Style of Cooking
What is the best cooking medium and style?
Olive oil is the best cooking medium and steam cooking is best.

28. Water
How much water should you drink everyday?
You should drink at least two to three liters of water everyday.

29. Alcohol
What is the effect of alcohol on the body?
Biologically alcohol acts as a depressant on the central nervous system and slows down the reflexes and other functions.

30. Smoking
Are cigars less harmful the cigarettes?
The wrappers of cigars are non porous and hence the nicotine is not diluted by air, making cigar smoking at least as much, if not more harmful than cigarettes.

31. Dieting
Which is the best diet?
The best is a well balanced diet of all nutritious foods.

32. Disease
What are the risk areas for contracting disease?
The risk areas are contaminated water, raw and cold food and cold dairy products.

33. Physical Fitness
Which is one of the major contributors for good health?
For good health you should develop a regular exercise program.

34. Medical Treatment
What should you do it one needs surgery?
You should take a second and third opinion from different doctors if you need surgery.

35. Boredom
What are some negative effects of boredom?
Compulsive shopping, excessive eating and extramarital affairs are known to be caused by boredom.

36. Laughter
Why is laughter good to you?
Laughter has similar beneficial effects to exercise, by increasing oxygen flow.

37. Massage
Where are massage therapy developed?
Massage therapies are well developed in the Orient, the Middle East and Sweden.

38. Sleep
Do body functioning stops when you sleep?
All body functions continue but at a slower pace when you sleep.

39. Anxiety
Why do people suffer from anxiety?
Anxiety and fear are the human response systems to threat.

40. Mental Fitness
How do you keep the brain agile?
Do brain exercises, in order to keep the brain agile.

41. Breathing Exercises
Why should you do breathing exercises?
Learning techniques of breathing exercises can have dramatic health enhancing benefits.

42. Ageing
What is the best antidote to ageing?
A health diet, regular exercise, a stress free life and good genes art best for longevity!

43. Meditation
What is meditation?
It is a form of relaxing and slowing down the mind and techniques of mental focus and breathing.

44. Romance, Love and Sex
Are sex & love related?
Sex is closely related to romance and love.

45. Marriage
Why marry?
Research shows that married people are healthier, live longer, are less likely to drug abuse and are happier than unmarried people.

46. Music
Why is it good to listen to soft music?
Because it soothes the mind.

47. Smiling
Why smile?
Smile is infectious and improves productivity and interpersonal relationships.

48. Bereavement
What is important in coping with bereavement?
Recognizing that the departed one would have wanted you to continue with life, helps you to move on.

49. Generosity
What is the true measure of generosity?
But the true measure of generosity is the condition of the giver’s heart.

50. Forgiveness
Why is it important to forgive?
You need to realize that life is too short to continue harbouring a grudge and harm your health over it.

51. Happiness
Where does happiness lie?
Happiness is a state of mind.

52. World View & Value Systems
What does it mean to live a meaningful life?
It means a life lived according to what one thinks is important and enjoyable and not what others think should, or ought to be important.


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