Chapter 16


Make your bargain before beginning to plough.

Arabic proverb

The best negotiation outcome is one which results in a win-win all round.

Information gathering is the first key to successful negotiations. Information can be gathered from published information, business associates, friends, the internet, clubs etc.

Listening for what is said at the meeting and not said, helps gather vital information.

Finding out the strengths and weaknesses of those whom you are negotiating with is important.

The alternatives available to the other party are aspects to be, delved into.

To be on your home turf puts you in a stronger position, than being on the other party’s home turf.

Extending respect and courtesy and building trust are important ways to win over people during negotiations.

Patience and waiting, rather than quickly concluding can often get a better result.

By trying out different venues and timings, helps in creating a different atmosphere and at times help to break a deadlock.

In negotiations it is best

to aim for a win-win, all