Chapter 19

Coping with Technology

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world;
the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the
world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends
on the unreasonable man.


From the dawn of civilization up until fifty years ago the pace of technological innovation was at a snails pace, compared to the last fifty years.

The telecommunication revolution comprising of television, computers, mobile phones, and the internet has had a dramatic impact on human life

The pressure to cope with these has been enormous especially on those of the generation in which, the dial phone, the radio, the gramophone, and the camera were all that one had to learn to cope with at a leisurely pace, over decades.

The rapid innovations in each of the modern technologies stated above offers a mind boggling array of options, making people especially the older generation giddy and confused with the choices.

The approach should be to calmly evaluate what you really needs or wants.

Then try out the product or features at the sales outlet or with friends who may have it.

You should not get daunted but calmly evaluate, try out and only then buy.

You should slowly learn to use it, asking for help whenever needed without feeling embarrassed, either from the sellers of the equipment, or technology or others.

You should accept that most technological innovation helps improve productivity, comfort, convenience, or entertainment and leverage it to your own or your organizations advantage.

In today’s world of rapid innovation and intense competition it is to be expected that there will be great effort by competitors for various products and services to try and capture your business.

You should however, guard against getting carried away with the intense marketing hype and pressures of tele-marketers and salespersons and not invest in unnecessary products or services. Take you to make decisions.

Make technology a good

servant,or it will be a bad