Chapter 23


Good manners will open doors that\the best
education cannot.

Clarence Thomas

Knowing the basics of business and social etiquette is very important in today’s world. The broad areas would be: greetings, table manners, serving and accepting food and drink, business meetings, dress code for various business and social occasions, exchanging gifts, making introductions, condolences, making conversation etc.

In today’s global world, you need to gear up appropriately for other cultures when dealing with foreigners.

Many of us are not as knowledgeable as we’d like to be about proper conduct in formal and informal situations. Etiquette is a learned skill.

Cultural issues like method of presentation of business cards, importance of colours in different societies, attitude to punctuality and time, timing of meals, methods of greeting, etc.

In some cultures it is appropriate to mix business and pleasure. In such cultures getting to know one another socially, meeting families is a precursor to business relationships. In other cultures business and personal life are never mixed up. There a clear distinction and proper protocol is maintained with business associates.

Manners make the woman

or man.