Chapter 28


Water is the only drink for a wise man.

Henry David Thoreau

Water is the most necessary nutrient and has many health benefits. More than half of the weight of the body is water only about 40% is made up of minerals and solids.

You should drink plenty of water preferably a minimum of two to three litres a day. It regulates bowel movement, prevents the formation of kidney stones, flushes the system, and controls weight gain by getting rid of excess sodium, which when present in the body beyond a certain level combines with water to increase body weight.

Water regulates body temperature and provides a means for nutrients to travel to all the organs, transports oxygen to the cells, removes waste and protects joints and organs. It also helps to metabolize fat.

Water is lost by the body through urination, respiration and by sweating. Physical activities and exercise increases sweating which causes loss of water from the body.

If you are exercising, drink a glass every half hour that you are active. If you drink tea, coffee or alcohol, add at least an equal amount of water to your water consumption.

Drink plenty of water a

minimum of two to three

litres a day.