Chapter 34

Medical Treatment

The greatest mistake in the treatment of diseases is
that there are physicians for the body and
physicians for the soul, although the two cannot be


For chronic ailments where allopathic treatment does not cure or give relief, itís worthwhile to explore holistic treatments like naturopathy, homoeopathy, ayurveda, acupressure, acupuncture, as alternate techniques of healing. However you need to take precautions, making

sure of the credentials of the practitioner. One should do a reference check with a few patients.

Be careful of drugs given by medical practioners without a prescription, as they often contain steroids which may be dangerous.

You should take a second and third opinion especially if one needs surgery.

You should always ask your doctor for details of your illness, treatment and medication, and the possible side effects of the medication. You should not feel embarrassed or intimidated to do so.

If your doctor is rude, brusque or impatient when you do so, you should change your doctor.

You can also check out for yourself on the internet for medical information about your ailment and its treatment. However you should not attempt to medicate oneself.

The big health challenges for professionals especially after forty are, high cholesterol leading to heart ailments, diabetes and ulcers. All three are caused by a poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle and stress.

The others are back problems due to excessive sitting and bad sitting postures. After the age of forty a multi vitamin, multi mineral supplement is recommended a few times a week.

You should try and minimize taking medicines. It is important to make sure of the supplier as the market is flooded with spurious medicines. You should always read the fine print on the packing and the accompanying literature.

If you are recommended surgery you should take several opinions and consult physicians besides surgeons.

It is good to have a doctor, as a good friend.

You should take more

than one opinion for

major medical