Chapter 36


Laughter is inner jogging.

Norman Cousins

Laughter helps to reduce stress and alleviate suffering during illness by warding off stress hormones.

Laughter enhances the flow of disease fighting cells and consequently enhances the effectiveness of the disease fighting hormones and the immune system of the human body.

The American Association for Therapeutic Humour in their research have found that laughter acts as a release valve for negative emotions like anger, sadness, frustration and fear. These emotions when bottled up can release stress hormones like cortisol and do an untold amount of harm, to the body.

Laughter has similar beneficial effects to exercise, by increasing oxygen flow.

As a result of the proven therapeutic benefits of laughter, participation in laughter therapies and laughter clubs is on the increase. It has also been found that humor used in education and training elicits better interest and results in better assimilation of Knowledge.

Hence you should laugh and often, develop a sense of humour, see funny movies, jokes and cartoons. It is good to share jokes with friends and if one can, even laugh at oneself and at life!

Laughter has a


therapeutic effect and

acts as a release valve for

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