Chapter 39


How much have cost us the evils that never happened!


Anxiety and fear are the human response systems to threat.

When the threat is sudden, the amygdala part of the brain sends an instant message to other parts of the brain. This results in the fear reactions of sweaty palms, increased heart beat and raised blood pressure.

When the threat is not sudden, the hypo thalamus alerts the cortex which analyzes the threat and sends a signal to the amaygdala to prepare appropriate body reactions of preparation for fight, or flight.

There are various anxiety disorders that some people suffer. They could be phobias of heights, blood, crowds, snakes, rats, etc. If they are not very severe and do not cause excessive panic and stress its okay, since itís quite common.

Some people suffer from compulsive disorders hallucinate, and follow unusual rituals. Post traumatic disorder after an unpleasant experience can cause fear and discomfort.

If you have high anxiety levels you should go for counselling therapy and appropriate medication as advised by a qualified doctor, as it can cure or at least alleviate most of such disorders.

Excessive anxiety,is bad

for your health and should

be medically treated.