Chapter 40

Mental Fitness

Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise
them if you wish to keep them in working order.

John Adams

It has been believed in the past that your mental faculties diminish with age. However recent advances in neuroscience and brain scan imagery have begun to prove different. There is no retirement age for judges in the USA, as the brains faculty of reasoning is not expected to reduce.

As people learn, reinforcement takes place of the networks that are formed by the dendrites which carry information between brain cells. With aging and even at a young age if some of these networks are not used they tend to thin out and become inactive, making the brains functioning slow and sluggish.

The solution is to do brain exercises, in order to keep the brain agile. There are various ooks and even sites on the internet that provide stimulating brain teasers which provide good exercise for the brain. Doing crossword puzzles, trying to remember names, telephone numbers, birth dates etc. helps to exercise the brain. Doing brain teasers can be rustrating but fun and help maintain the agility of your brain’s functioning.

Continued activity in your profession,, social service, music, arts, theatre etc keeps the brain fitter…

It is important for you to

keep not only physical but

also mental fitness,

especially as you age.