Chapter 41

Breathing Exercises

Life's mystery lies in the breath.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

The act of breathing is an involuntary one and the most crucial one for human survival. We can survive extreme weather, pain and hardships and go without food and water for a considerable period of time, but we cannot survive without air for more than a few minutes. Yet we fail to look at how we can learn more about breathing in order to live better.

Most knowledge has stayed with ancient Indian ascetics and yoga techniques.

Recent researches have shown that an awareness of breathing, how you breathe and learning techniques of breathing can have dramatic health enhancing benefits, similar to a good diet and regular exercise habits.Traditionally in the yoga techniques they are called Pranayamas. They comprise essentially of inhalation called puraka, retention of air in the lungs called kumbhaka, and exhalation called rechaka.

Regular practice of these for even as little as ten minutes a day helps release toxins from the body, cleanse the system and almost magically improve mental and physical well being.

Regular breathing exercises also enhance the vocal chords. This is important for those in a profession where the voice is constantly used, like singers, voiceovers professionals, etc.

Breathing right, can go a

long way in staying