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Master Goals and Actions List  
SPHERE: Personal Enhancement
  • SEGMENT: Positive Thinking

    • GOAL: Improve positive thinking

    • ACTIONS:
      Make a list of my achievements this week

      Put up a motivational quote where I can see it today

      Listen to motivational tapes/CD's, start with one this week

      Read an inspiring book this month

      Meet with friends who have positive outlook once a month

      Affirm today that “I am successful and happy.” Write it and put it up in a visible spot up where I can see it conveniently such as on the bathroom mirror, wardrobe etc.

      Make a list of daliy compliants and see how to reduce them

      Never allow any negative thought to enter my mind. Analyse the way I work, without any regrets or disappointments. Work on difinite tasks I have planned for this month and the next to keep my confindence high.

      do full breathing exercises few times daily

      In morning, evening and at night, sit silent (not allowing any thoughts to occupy my mind)

  • SEGMENT: Self Development

    • GOAL: Develop myself

    • ACTIONS:
      Watch educational/informative programs on television once a fortnight

      Look for opportunities for new experiences this year

      Take help / tips from peers

      Do a self advancement course in the next three months

      Talk to knowledgeable people about my area of interest this month

      Surf the internet for useful information about my area of interest this week

      Read a self development book this month

      Affirm that “I am constantly developing myself.” Write it and put it up where it is visible

  • SEGMENT: Being A Learner

    • GOAL: Become a learner

    • ACTIONS:
      Learn more about my own field of study/work continuously

      Do useful and fun courses

      Try new skills

      Affirm that “I learn all the time”

      Read a book a month

  • SEGMENT: Communication

    • GOAL: Improve my communication skill

    • ACTIONS:
      Affirm that I am a great communicator

      Listen, listen, listen to

      Not interrupt when others speak. Start today and track it for a week

      Choose the right words

      Think before I speak

      Show interest

      Colleagues at work.


      Always pay attention to what is being said





      Write it down and keep it visible

  • SEGMENT: Introspection

    • GOAL: Review and introspect

    • ACTIONS:
      Introspect on my day every day and plan the next day

      Introspect about the happenings of the week every weekend and plan for the next week

      Introspect on my education/work and personal life once a month

      Introspect on my life once a year

  • SEGMENT: Hostility and Anger

    • GOAL: Control hostility and anger

    • ACTIONS:
      Ensure sound sleep

      Learn meditation this month

      Talk to the person when he/she is less angry

      When someone confronts me with anger or makes me angry stay calm and deep breathe or count ten

      Restructure my /study work load if I think I am overworked and is the reason for my anger, do it this week

      Recognize that anger harms me more than the person I am angry with

      Review the incident when someone angers me

      Have a good cry about something that hurt me

      Go for regular massages

      Affirm that “I am a calm person”

  • SEGMENT: Relationships

    • GOAL: Improve my relationships

    • ACTIONS:
      Remember birthdays, anniversaries etc.

      Make a list of important days and set up a diary, or computer or cell phone reminder system this week to remember important days

      Go out with a friends/family out to either a meal, show, park, beach etc. this fortnight

      Gift a gift to someone this month

      Appreciate; speak nice words to someone today

      Spend time with someone I have close relationships with this fortnight

      Enquire about health/well being one person today

      birthday reminders for all on mobile phone

      reply all e-mails within 24 hours

      have dinner with family atleast once a week

      No. of times lost temper

  • SEGMENT: Friendships

    • GOAL: Develop good friendships

    • ACTIONS:
      Connect with one good old friend this week.

      Resolve any issue I may have with one friend this week.

      Send a greeting to a friend today.

      Make a new friend this week.

  • SEGMENT: The Arts

    • GOAL: Learn to appreaciate th arts.

    • ACTIONS:
      Read film reviews this week.

      Enroll in a dance class this month.

      Learn to start to play some musical instrument this year.

      Read theatre reviews this week.

      Go to museums/ art galleries this week.

      Watch an art show, theatre or a musical program once a month.

  • SEGMENT: Sports And Games

    • GOAL: Play a sport / game regularly.

    • ACTIONS:
      Play a sport game at least twice a week.

      Watch a sport or game once a week.

      Learn to play a sport or game starting this week.

  • SEGMENT: Taking A Break

    • GOAL: Take breaks.

    • ACTIONS:
      Visit my hometown/favorite place this year.

      Take part in a retreat in three months.

      Go on a weekend picnic/break this month.

      Chill out this weekend.

      Explore a new holiday location out of the city/country.

      Go alone or team up with friends/family for a break / holidays once every year.

SPHERE: Professional Enhancement
  • SEGMENT: Planning And Goal Setting

    • GOAL: Improve planning and goal setting skills.

    • ACTIONS:
      List down plans for the month.

      Improvement of lifestyle.

      Plans for the home.

      Plans for children.

      Partner/friend/marriage plans.

      Plans for professional life/work plans.

      Plans for education/academic qualifications/achievements.

      Start organized planning and goal setting in my life this week.

      Improvement of life skills.

      List down plans for the year.

      List down plans for the 3 years.

      Review my plans every month.

      Speak to someone I trust about my goals / plans once a year.

      Plans for social involvements/activities this year.

  • SEGMENT: Time Management

    • GOAL: Manage my time better.

    • ACTIONS:
      Track time thieves like television, visitors, paper work, etc. starting today.

      Do a course on time management this month.

      Make a list to prioritize professional and personal life this week.

      Minimize/avoid interruptions.

      Learn to say No.--Don't get carried away by others desires, priorities and needs--focus on my own from today.

      Delegate simple jobs from today.

      Make notes of how much time I spend on each activity by this weekend.

      Allot specific time to important tasks from this week.

      Identify and note ways of saving time from this week.

      Learn to focus on outcomes and not perfection from this week.

      Get a new good time manager diary by this weekend.

      Track my time use every hour for a few days from today to identify time wasters/thieves.

      File and store only those things I require. Throw the rest away by this month end.

      While traveling use my time to read, use the computer, make calls, reflecting or just having fun and making friends with strangers, from the next trip onwards.

      Don’t channel surf and watch T.V, select and watch from today.

  • SEGMENT: Writing Down

    • GOAL: Develop a habit to write down.

    • ACTIONS:
      Keep writing material handy in all strategic locations like bedside, sitting chair, work table even the bathroom, bike/car, etc, this week.

      Add new activities to my list.

      Cross out what I feel I should not do from the list periodically.

      Make a "To Do" lists of education/work/personal chores. Do it today.

      Make a "To Do" lists of communication like phone calls /emails/ letters/ etc

      Make a list of outdoor activities by this week end.

      Make a list of life aims and steps to achieve these by this week end.

      Carry a small pocket notepad and pen to note down important matters, ideas etc.

  • SEGMENT: Meetings

    • GOAL: Plan meetings well.

    • ACTIONS:
      Have a meeting only if necessary.

      At the meeting ensure discussions are relevant and to the point and that all get a chance to participate.

      Make the physical arrangements, chairs, tables, lighting, temperature, sound, water, tea,/snacks etc.

      Plan the agenda, place of meeting, time of meeting, duration of meeting, and prepare for the meeting.

      Focus on the follow up action of meetings.

  • SEGMENT: Negotiation

    • GOAL: Improve Negotiation Skills

    • ACTIONS:
      To find out strengths & weakness of the company, the person or the product

      To aim for a win-win for both sides.

      To attend a training program/read a book on negotiating skills at least once in the next one year to be prepared.

      To gather information about the organization I am negotiating with from, brochures, the internet, their business associates, employees etc.

      To have the negotiation in your chosen venue

      To be courteous.

      To build trust.

  • SEGMENT: Quality

    • GOAL: Develop quality consciousness

    • ACTIONS:
      Develop quality of work habits

      Improve whenever possible

      Be concious of quality at home

      Seek to know what customers require

      Inculcate and set a goal of quality in different areas of my life and review them every month

  • SEGMENT: Managing Change

    • GOAL: Learn to manage change

    • ACTIONS:
      Set a goal to change something important every month

      Plan the change

      Involve those impacted by change to get acceptance

      Recognize the need to change and my own and others resistance to change and plan a time schedule for it

  • SEGMENT: Coping with Technology

    • GOAL: Develop the commitment and ability to cope with technology

    • ACTIONS:
      Evaluate the products you need

      Consider your lifestyle & ask

      Communication: telephone/ mobile/ internet / etc

      Entertainment: television/ video/ cd/ dvd/ ipods, music systems, digital

      Work related: computers/ laptops/printers/fax machines etc.

      Try out the products & its features

      Ask friends, colleagues who have the familiarity to assist

      Go to a shop & try out the features

      Introduce state of the art technologies, in order not to get left behind by competition. Do so after careful professional cost-benefit evaluation

      Learn to use a new technology or feature of technology like in the computer this fortnight

  • SEGMENT: Creativity

    • GOAL: Develop a creative bent of mind

    • ACTIONS:
      Do something new and creative this week

      Encourage an environment of creativity by encouraging, rewarding and appreciating it in my work place

      Relax and think

      Have an open mind to new ideas

      Be aware of my surroundings with curiosity

      Take risk & experiment to discover new things

  • SEGMENT: Giving Feedback For Improvement

    • GOAL: Improve feedback giving & receiving skills

    • ACTIONS:
      Choose appropriate time

      Choose the place (a quiet place away from eavesdroppers)

      Ensure both of us are relaxed & calm

      Appreciate first

      Focus on the issues, not the person

      Discuss acceptance and steps of action

      Ask for regular feedback from colleagues and family on areas where I think I need improvement. Start this week

      Express thanks for the time given to you

      Avoid volatile situations

      Listen quietly & understand the other persons point of view

      Calmly adjourn the meeting to another better time if the atmosphere gets uncomfortable

      Review / analyse the others persons situation & views and make appropriate adjustments, if possible

  • SEGMENT: Sharing With Teams

    • GOAL: Improve my spirit of sharing

    • ACTIONS:
      Share ideas /plans with my boss, colleagues, spouse and friends. Start today

      Set goals together with colleagues at work and family at home from today

  • SEGMENT: Etiquette

    • GOAL: Learn better etiquette

    • ACTIONS:
      List three areas of improvement in my etiquette and work on them one by one from this week

      Ask a friend or family member what area of etiquette I need to improve. Ask today

  • SEGMENT: Habits

    • GOAL: Improve my habits

    • ACTIONS:
      List down all habits by this weekend

      Start to improve one good habit from today

      Try to get rid of one bad one from today

      Review my list of habits and progress on improvements every month

  • SEGMENT: Work Ethic

    • GOAL: To be aware of my work ethic

    • ACTIONS:
      Decide on number of hours I desire to work each week and write it down today

      Keep a track of hours worked in a diary from today and compare with hours I desire to work

SPHERE: Health Enhancement
  • SEGMENT: Food

    • GOAL: Plan to eat better.

    • ACTIONS:
      Eat multigrain or whole cereals instead of refined flour products from today as far as possible.

      Add to my diet regularly fish and eggs, (if non vegetarian.)

      Add to my diet regularly soybeans, yogurt and sprouts. from today.

      Increase vegetables I eat by a quarter kilo from today.

      Drink at least two liters of water a day.

      Eat one more fruit from today.

      Avoid junk foods like biscuits, cakes, fried snacks, roadside food etc from today.

  • SEGMENT: Medium And Style Of Cooking

    • GOAL: Learn the art of cooking light and tasty meals.

    • ACTIONS:
      Use healthy oils like olive oil and corn etc oils from today.

      Avoid frying and instead sauté and steam from today.

      Cook lightly, always.

      Buy the freshest food available, always.

      Don’t under or over cook as far as possible.

      Cook a variety of all food groups, always.

  • SEGMENT: Water

    • GOAL: Drink plenty of water.

    • ACTIONS:
      Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day.

      Keep drinking water handy everywhere, bedside, office table, near TV, in car/bike, carry if on long journey.

  • SEGMENT: Alcohol

    • GOAL: Plan to give up alcohol or to drink in moderation.

    • ACTIONS:
      Don’t drink alcohol from this week.

      Restrict to 90 ml a day of spirits or two glasses of beer or wine.

      180 ml a day of spirit alternate days

  • SEGMENT: Smoking

    • GOAL: Stop smoking.

    • ACTIONS:
      Find put about medication to stop smoking on the internet today.

      Consult a doctor or a friend on how to stop smoking this week.

  • SEGMENT: Dieting

    • GOAL: Lose weight.

    • ACTIONS:
      Buy a weighing scale and weight myself everyday.

      Set a goal in writing to lose -- kgs this month.

      Eat at least one kilo of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday.

      Walk or exercise for at least 5 hours a week.

      Don’t eat fried food/snacks, desserts till the desired weight is reached.

      Don’t drink any soft drinks, juices and alcohol till desired weight is reached.

  • SEGMENT: Disease

    • GOAL: Prevent/Control disease.

    • ACTIONS:
      Only drink water that is properly processed, safe and clean.

      Eat healthy foods always.

      Get a complete health check up once a year. Do one this week if not done for a year.

      Rest well, work well, eat well.

      When eating outside food choose hygienic places always.

      Ask more than one doctor about proper treatments for ailments when ill.

      Use protective measures like vaccinations, prophylactics, repellants etc to keep diseases at bay.

      Speak to people who have been through a disease/treatment similar to mine when needed.

  • SEGMENT: Physical Fitness

    • GOAL: Stay fit.

    • ACTIONS:
      Exercise or play a sport everyday for at least one hour starting today.

      Eat healthy foods in the right quantity always and think of this at each meal time.

      Keep within weight limit. Check weight once a week.

  • SEGMENT: Medical Treatment

    • GOAL: Plan for good medical treatment when needed.

    • ACTIONS:
      Get medical insurance this week if I don’t already have it.

      Take more than one opinion for major medical treatment.

      Make friends with a good general practice doctor this month.

  • SEGMENT: Boredom

    • GOAL: Eliminate boredom.

    • ACTIONS:
      Organise an event this month.

      Meet friends once a week.

      See a play, movie, music program, etc this week.

      Get involved/learn a new sport or game this week.

      Do something I enjoy e.g. get a new hobby today.

      Change jobs do something new, if bored of job/vocation as soon as a good alternative comes around.

      Find out more than I actually know about my company/ business/ colleagues/friend this week.

      Get involved in community activities this week.

  • SEGMENT: Laughter

    • GOAL: Laugh often.

    • ACTIONS:
      Tell a joke a day.

      Ask friend to tell me jokes regularly.

      Read a little from a joke book everyday.

      Join a laughter club this week.

      Smile at least five times a day and to track it this week.

  • SEGMENT: Massage

    • GOAL: Have regular massages.

    • ACTIONS:
      Get a massage at least once a month.

  • SEGMENT: Sleep

    • GOAL: Sleep enough and well.

    • ACTIONS:
      Catch a nap of least a 20 minutes a day.

      Eat dinner at least an hour before sleep.

      Listen to soothing music.

      Exercise an hour during the day.

      Use a bed, not too soft or hard, but comfortable.

      Wear comfortable clothes.

      Get at least 7 hrs sleep a day.

  • SEGMENT: Anxiety

    • GOAL: Control anxiety

    • ACTIONS:
      Write down why I am anxious. Do it today.

      Talk to people who could help this week.

      Seek professional advice if the problem is severe.

      Learn meditation this week.

  • SEGMENT: Mental Fitness

    • SEGMENT: Breathing Exercises

      • GOAL: Every day do breathing exercises.

      • ACTIONS:
        Every day do 10-15 minutes of deep breathing.

    • SEGMENT: Ageing

      • GOAL: To stay forever young.

      • ACTIONS:
        Stay mentally and physically engaged in things I enjoy. Decide on these this week.

        Meet/ socialize with all age group of people once a week.

        Travel once a month.

        Learn to sing this month.

        Learn to dance this month.

        Learn to play a musical instrument this year.

    SPHERE: Spiritual Enhancement
    • SEGMENT: Meditation

      • GOAL: Learn meditation.

      • ACTIONS:
        Start by finding out about different forms of meditation on the internet/from persons who know, or publications this week.

        Learn to meditate this month.

        Meditate everyday from next month after learning.

        meditate early in the morning

        Join Classes to learn meditation

    • SEGMENT: Romance, Love And Sex

      • GOAL: To learn about the art and science of romance love and sex and to enjoy and share it.

      • ACTIONS:
        To read more about romance love and sex. To explore the internet to find out more scientific knowledge, avoiding the trash that one may come across. Do it this month.

        Find a partner this month.

        Perform a romantic act everyday like saying ”I love you” to someone.

        Give flowers to someone once a month.

        Say “I care” and show I care to someone once a week.

        Have sex regularly if feasible and appropriate.

    • SEGMENT: Marriage

      • GOAL: To consider marriage, or improve my marriage.

      • ACTIONS:
        Give as much as I can.

        Do a giving act every day.

        To get introduced to eligible spouses via friends, relatives, the net, advertising etc.

        If already married in order to improve my marriage to talk to my spouse and to suggest that we both write down each other pluses and minuses and to discuss it calmly and to do so by this weekend.

        To decide if i want to get married.

        Recognize that it takes two to tango and do my part well.

        Meet my spouse more than halfway in my marriage. To consult a counselor this week if my marriage is not working.

    • SEGMENT: Music

      • GOAL: To develop a taste for music.

      • ACTIONS:
        To learn to play a musical instrument this year.

        To share my love of music with someone.

        To go for music concerts once a month.

        To listen to at least 20 minutes of music everyday.

        To get music system or music cds tapes I like to listen to, this week.

    • SEGMENT: Smiling

      • GOAL: To smile often

      • ACTIONS:
        to smile at least ten times a day and to track it.

        to put up th picture of a smiling face in front of me mine or one i like!

    • SEGMENT: Bereavement

      • GOAL: To know the cycle of bereavement and support those in need.

      • ACTIONS:
        To be there if support in bereavement is needed, by someone known to me.

        To read about the cycle of bereavement, this month.

        Discuss the cycle of bereavement with a friend or a counselor or this month.

    SPHERE: Values Enhancement
    • SEGMENT: Generosity

      • GOAL: To be generous

      • ACTIONS:
        To periodically convey verbal appreciation to friends, family, people at work even casual visitors on anything about them that appeal to me.

        To give gifts big or small as affordable, once a year to the needy.

        To help a friend in need.

        To give a certain amount of money and or time to a good cause this month.

    • SEGMENT: Forgiveness

      • GOAL: To be forgiving.

      • ACTIONS:
        Think of someone who has hurt me and forgive that person today.

        To forgive when I am offended and to ask someone close to me to point out when I forget to do so.

        To remind myself every month that being forgiving is good for both the forgiver and the forgiven.

        To write down that “I am a forgiving person” and put it up where visible.

    • SEGMENT: Happiness

      • GOAL: Wish for happiness for myself and others.

      • ACTIONS:
        To positive self talk and say and write down where it is visible that “I am happy”, every morning.

        To learn what make me happy by first writing down this weekend.

        Not to indulge in do any activity or action that makes me and others around me unhappy.

        Put up a smiling photo of myself alone or with someone showing that I am a happy person, this week.

        Make a list of what I have in life this week and be thankful for it.

    • SEGMENT: World View & Value Systems

      • GOAL: To define my values and to live by them.

      • ACTIONS:
        To write down my values statement in respect of religion, integrity, commitments to society, family, patriotism, this week.

        To live by these and to review every three months to confirm that I live by these or to modify them.




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