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Positive thoughts are the wings to success and happiness.

The first step in self-improvement is knowing yourself, especially your strengths and weaknesses.

If you stop learning, you stop growing and start decaying.

The most important part of a conversation, is listening.

Introspection will give you insights on how to ‘play’ better.

Getting angry harms you more than the person, who you are angry with.

Invest time in relationships, to add to your success and happiness.

Being a good friend, is more important than having a friend.

Art adds value to the quality of your life.

Participation in sports and games builds intelligence, health and character.

Like all machines, you need rest.

Desire must be followed by belief and clearly spelt out action, to attain your goals.

Time is ticking away, use it wisely.

The chances of you doing what you would like to do, get greatly increased, when you write it down.

Meetings should be well planned and managed, in order to optimize the outcome of the meeting.

In negotiations it is best to aim for a win-win, all round.

The pursuit of excellence in quality of work, always gets positive results.

The only permanence in life is change. So it is best to adapt, and benefit, from change.

Make technology a good servant, or it will be a bad master.

When creativity is unleashed, amazing results follow.

Be liberal with your praise, but discreet with your criticism.

Team work, works!

Good manners make people likeable.

Changing negative habits and acquiring positive ones is not easy, but has many long term benefits.

There is no royal road to success. Hard work pays, and a balance of work and play is best.

Eat wisely, to live well.

How to cook, is as important as what to cook.

Drink plenty of water – a minimum of two to three litres a day.

If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation.

Smoking is bad for health. Give it up if you are a smoker.

Lose weight slowly, as it is more sustaining than quick weight loss.

Treat your body with respect and you can have a disease free healthy, long life.

Health is the greatest wealth.

You should take more than one opinion for major medical treatments.

To overcome boredom, engage in activities and work that gives you joy.

You should laugh often, as laughter has a psychologically therapeutic effect and acts as a release valve for anger, frustration and sadness.

Massage relaxes you and reduces stress.

Sleep refreshes you and keeps your body’s immune system in shape.

Excessive anxiety, is bad for your health and should be controlled.

It is important for you to keep not only physical, but also mental fitness, especially as you age.

Breathing right, can go a long way in staying healthy.

If you think you are old, you are!

Meditation relaxes your the body, mind and soul, so practice it regularly.

Life without love is emptiness.

To make marriages work well, sensitivity and give and take is needed.

Soft music is a stress reliever and productivity enhancer.

Smiling is great for you and others around you.

The pain of bereavement can be overcome by calm remembrance, reflection and awareness of feelings.

In giving, you reward yourself too.

You are doing yourself a favour by being forgiving.

The keys to happiness are to keep good health, have good relationships and be engaged in satisfying work.

To live with inner harmony, have clear core values and live by these.



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